Wig Review ~ 31″ Pink Curly from Amazon

Hey there!  So, this wig was kindly given to me in exchange for my review on it, which I’m sharing down below!

You can purchase the wig here: http://www.amazon.com/Curly-Vocaloid-Megurine-Cosplay-Extension/dp/B00K8048WI/ref=sr_1_186?ie=UTF8&qid=1422525073&sr=8-186&keywords=pink+curly+Anime+Cosplay+Wig

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it:

My thoughts: Very lovely wig! The color is very “milkshake pink”, in that it’s a creamy solid pink with a slight dusty rose cool tone. The curls are very defined, so if you want a more wavy look, I’d suggest brushing it out before wearing. I didn’t do anything to it, so in the pictures I took, this was fresh out of the bag.

The bangs are your pretty standard chin-length straight bangs that you can cut or part however you please. The thickness seems great overall, and the cap of the wig fit my above-average sized head with thick long hair. The fiber is very soft and seems resistant to tangling, but I would recommend spraying it down with wig conditioner/Motions just as a cautionary measure if you are going to be wearing the wig for a while.

A-Kon 2014

A-Kon LogoHey!  So, last weekend (June 6-8) I went to A-Kon, held at The Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX.  A-Kon is Texas’ largest anime convention, and one of the longest-running conventions in America – this was its 25th year!  That’s crazy to think about.

This was my third year (I believe) attending, and by far the best experience.  Even with last year’s move to the Anatole, the convention is still super crowded.  That was my biggest complaint last year, along with the 5 hour registration/pre-reg line – yes, they were both lumped into one god-awful line last year.  However, A-Kon was able to alleviate the long lines this year by better organizing the reg area, and opening reg all day Thursday.  Overall, crowd control felt a bit better this year.

But enough of the boring stuff.  I’m sure you’re more interested in hearing about cosplay and events, right?

Friday – I was Minori from Toradora! with my friends who came all the way from Canada to visit us, Matt and Alicia, who were Ryuuji and Taiga respectively.  Most of the day consisted of wandering the dealer’s room/artist’s alley, though we did make it to Yaya’s “Past, Present & Future of Cosplay” panel.

I changed into Rei Ayanami later for geeklurv’s Cosplay Madmatch panel, where I answered questions in-character as, big surprise, wondergirl herself. 😛

Rei Ayanami






Saturday – I cosplayed Persona 4’s Rise Kujikawa.  The Canadians pooped out on me (they were supposed to join me as Yuu/Protag and Chie). 😛 Even so, I got a surprising amount of recognition as Rise.

Rise KujikawaLater, Christy and I lined up to see the Cosplay Contest, which was impressive to say the least.  There were so many well-done costumes with intricate details and big props and armor pieces.  I didn’t envy the judges for a minute.

Not surprisingly, there were very few skit entries.  Texas, much like Florida, is more of a Walk-on kind of state, though I did enjoy seeing Utena represented, and my god those costumes were beautiful~  And Forever Alone never fails to deliver the lulz.



Sunday – I debuted Eli Ayase from Love Live! School Idol Project, with Benihime and Christy as Kotori and Maki respectively.

Next con for me is San Japan in San Antonio!

Love Live! - Maki and Eli

Art Giveaway – FREE STUFF-

Angel Panty & Stocking ChibisFun Fact: I used to fancy myself an artist from time to time. A friend talked me into selling my artwork in Artist’s Alley, and it kind of grew on me for a little while. HOWEVER, recently I found a packet of chibi stickers, post-card sized chibi cards, and 5×7 prints. I have no intention of doing Artist’s Alley ever again, so I thought I’d offer them to whoever wants ’em!

Here’s what I have.


Chibi Post-card prints:
All of the above characters EXCEPT Vocaloid.  I do also have some of Angel Stocking, Mio, and Ciel and Sebastian.

5×7″ prints:

You can pick 2 stickers or 1 print, and I will mail it to you (I will need you to message me your address on Facebook). Limited Quantities – First come, first serve!

All I ask in return is that you share any one of my cosplay photos from my Facebook Page. 🙂

Thanks everyone!!

Cosplay Guest at Anime North Texas

Just a quick update to say that I have been invited as a cosplay guest, along with the talented ladies of SEC-C Cosplay, at Anime North Texas in Fort Worth, November 15 – 17!  I will be judging for the costume contest and doing a couple of panels, and I’m very excited!

Check eet outttt: http://animenorthtexas.com/special-guests/

Stop by if you are in the area, I’d love to meet you all and talk about cosplay and anime and stuff! 😀

Crunchyroll Ambassador!

Hey everyone!  So, this is kind of late, but I recently became an Ambassador for the awesome and LEGAL anime streaming site, Crunchyroll!

I’ve been watching anime through them for years and got really excited when they started their Ambassador Program.  Now I can share my love of anime and cosplay to the Crunchyroll community, and beyond!

You can get a free trial by clicking here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/melfinacos

Make sure you subscribe using that link!  That way, they’ll know I sent you! ^.^

Also, check out this new photo of my Super Sailor Neptune costume!  Photo by Lemon-ikon Photography

Super Sailor Neptune cosplay


New Costume Added – Sheryl Nome

I’ve had this done since August, but finally just made a page for my Sheryl Nome costume!

Sheryl Nome

I had a blast wearing this costume to Anime Fest this year!  I think the best part was when a gaggle of Japanese tourists approached and asked to get a few pictures with me.  Some of the younger ones knew I was Sheryl, and very vehemently said “MACROSSU!”.  It’s amazing to see how popular Macross Frontier still is in Japan!

Making Progress

Hello again, everyone!

I’ve been making some progress with getting cosplay content up over the last month, and getting the hang of WordPress.  Not sure if I’m completely in love with this theme, but all of the themes I like are the Elegant Themes which make you pay extra, so … we’ll see.  I’ve considered dusting off Dreamweaver and trying my hand at designing/CSS-ing something from scratch, but then I remember why I didn’t concentrate on coding during my college career.  Oh, websites.

Anyway, I’m working on getting images and descriptions up for all of my costumes, and so far, almost all of my costumes from 2007 onward are up and running with an image gallery.  The older costumes (2004-2006) are coming slowly but surely, with Melfina and Bakery Chii active.

Head on over to the About page for some background info on my cosplay endeavors, if you so desire, and if you’re feeling particularly feisty, I’ve got videos of my costumes in action in the Skits & Performances section (under Press & Media).