EGL Asuka

EGL Asuka Red VariantCharacter: Asuka Langley Sohryu
Red EGL Dress
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Debuted: Anime Fest 2012

Construction Notes: I looked in various different stores (both locally and online) for the fabric I had my mind set on, which was an iridescent deep red taffeta.  I remembered JoAnn Fabrics having the *perfect* fabric as part of their Project Runway line earlier in the year, but unfortunately it went out of production.  After trying to find something similar, with the results being “too wine-y”, too orange, too brown, too SOMETHING … I happened to find the discontinued red irridescent taffeta while browsing through a JoAnn across town, in their clearance section! Luckily for me, there were 2 yards of the fabric left, which was just enough.

For the patterning, I modified a princess seamed bodice with puffy sleeves which was originally for a generic “Princess” costume pattern, and attached all of the ruffles to a circle skirt which I had cut out of my lining fabric.  I had to adjust the fit of the bodice a number of times to fit as snug as the reference image depicts.

The shoes were originally a brown pair of pumps that I painted burgundy to match.  I used floral spray paint, which can be found in most craft and fabric stores, but I wouldn’t recommend using it on an entire shoe since it started cracking by the end of my time wearing the costume.  I plan on re-painting with specific shoe/leather paint before I re-wear this costume.

Personal Thoughts: Asuka wasn’t always my favorite Evangelion character (I was actually a HUGE Rei fangirl, and still kind of am), but I grew to like her more and more over the years.  I have always LOVED this specific gothic lolita outfit, though, ever since I first saw the figure released.  And then the red re-paint variant came out, and I knew I’d need to make this costume someday.

I don’t normally cosplay characters as aggressive as Asuka, so it was a really good change in pace.  Asuka’s personality is a complete 180 from my own, in that she has a huge ego, is recklessly bold, unapologetically aggressive, and always has to take charge of a situation.  I’m much more shy and quiet, but I feel like Asuka embodies every aspect of an Aries, which is my astrological sign.  I know that fiery spirit is within me somewhere, damn it.

Also, the fact that she’s a redhead, and of predominantly German heritage makes me feel more akin to her.