Sheryl Nome

Character: Sheryl Nome
Variation: Purple Skimpy
Series: Macross Frontier
Debuted: Anime Fest 2012

Construction Notes:  This costume ended up being more difficult than I originally thought.  Getting the bustier to fit right and not look retarded was probably the hardest part.  It’s still not exactly perfect, but it is what it is.

Fabric-wise, I really wanted to sparkle and give this costume an eye-catching popstar element, so many of the fabrics have a glittery or sparkly texture.  The bustier fabric has a subtle magenta glitter to it, as does the top layer of the skirt (though that is a chiffon/organza type of material). Bottom layer of the skirt is crepon sheer in a slightly lighter shade of violet.  All of the stretchy elements of this costume, like the gloves, skirt waistband and boots, are Mystique Spandex (black spandex covered with tiny metallic dots for an almost wet-look appearance).  The jacket is crepe-back satin lined with a pearlescent taffeta.

The boots, as mentioned in the above paragraph, were custom made as boot covers to slip over a pair of 6-inch high-heeled ankle boot-lets.  I reinforced the spandex with a layer of pleather so they would be sturdier and have a more boot-like appearance.  I also installed each of the grommets by hand.

My husband helped me with the microphone prop. We used pvc pipe which we cut up and assembled, spray-painted, and finished with glitter glaze.

Personal Thoughts:  I liked Sheryl’s attitude and fabulous-ness, and really wanted to portray such a glamorous, strong-willed woman.  Sheryl Nome is an insanely well-known popstar in the Macross universe, with a host of outlandish costumes for her stage performances.  Sheryl is a popular character to cosplay for this reason.

I decided to make this costume somewhat on a whim!  I had wanted to cosplay as Sheryl for a while, but when I saw this costume I decided to run with it, especially since I didn’t see very many people who had attempted it before.