Character: Melfina
Variation: Default outfit
Series: Outlaw Star (Anime)
Debuted: Anime Festival Orlando 2004, re-vamped in 2007

Construction Notes:  Melfina’s costume, as simple as it is, is one that I’ve revised a lot within the first few years of actively cosplaying.  I completely re-made the cloak, and altered different pattern pieces to get a more accurate cut than when I first made it.  I used a medium-weight cotton, and lined it with a magenta lining material to match the reference artwork.  I made sure to interface and line the collar to hold its shape, as well.  I re-made the medallions out of Model Magic, which was much more light-weight than the originals which were Sculpey.

I used a stretch knit for the skirt (and straps).  The shirt was purchased, along with the tie.

I’ve gone through at least 3 different wigs for this costume.  The first was a crappy shoulder-length “Cleopatra” style wig from Party City that I hacked into some semblance (not really) of Melfina’s crazy “scene” style. The second was a wig I had commissioned by Katie Bair, and while it was lovely, I eventually wanted to take my own stab at getting the style once I honed my wig styling skills a bit more.  The final, and current wig, is a Punky XXL which I trimmed and de-poofed, and spiked out some choice strands to get her unusually spikey (but not really) style.

Personal Thoughts:  I’m pretty sure it comes as no surprise that Melfina is one of my favorite characters, and holds a special place in my heart, considering that’s my cosplay namesake. XD She was always an interesting character to me, and one I could relate with, especially in my adolescent years.