Birdwatching Chii

Character: Chii
Variation: Birdwatching Illustration
Series: Chobits (Anime and Manga)
Debuted: Metrocon 2007

Construction Notes:  This costume was a big turning point in my craftsmanship.  I made sure all of my seams were finished, and everything that needed to be lined/faced was done so.  I really wanted this costume to be well-constructed and “contest-worthy”.

I used Casa Satin for the main dress piece and bows, with cotton for all of the ruffles.  All of the cotton for the ruffles is doubled and folded over so that hemming the ruffles wouldn’t be necessary, and there wouldn’t be any top-stitching on such a delicate element.  All of the bias tape and piping was made from scratch, using the same Casa Satin used for the collar, spats and cuffs (so that everything would match).

Personal Thoughts:  There are so many Chii outfits that I love.  The ruffle-fluffle-ness on this particular costume ultimately won me over, though, as did the color combination and overall cute design.

Chii’s many adorable and lavish costume designs make her a popular character from a cosplay perspective.  I also found her character incredibly adorable, and I liked her innocence and curiosity.  She starts out as a completely blank slate, but she grows and adapts to her situation. At first all she can say is the word “Chii” (hence where she got her name), but she soon learns more and more words and is capable of talking.  She’s just a really loveable character.