Character: Claire Angledame
Variation: Dress
Series: Haystacked Cradle (Novels)
Debuted: N/A

Construction Notes:   Nothing out of the ordinary here, I just made an easy sundress out of cotton, and used a shawl that one of my friends had given me to tie around my waist.  This is the first costume that I did not use a wig for, so all of the pictures show my real hair, natural color.  I love being a redhead!

Personal Thoughts:  I was so enamored with my friend Mattissimo’s original novel series, Haystacked Cradle, that I suggested we cosplay as two of the main characters for a (very) casual photoshoot that we planned when I was visiting in Canada one time.  They were super easy ‘costumes’ that both of us could use our real hair for, and they may as well have been closet cosplay (especially for my bro, Mattissimo).

The location for the photoshoot was this touristy town in southern Ontario called Niagara on the Lake. Unfortunately, the only photographer we had to speak of was ourselves (haha!) so almost all of the photos were of us individually, with maybe one or two MySpacey shots of the two of us.  We’re so serious bizness.