Character: Nia Teppelin
Variation: Adult
Series: Gurren Lagann (Anime and Manga)
Debuted: Anime North 2010

Construction Notes:  I found a light pink stretch-knit fabric perfect for the dress and sleeves!  The dress and sleeves are actually separate parts, since the construction seemed to make more sense that way.  I put elastic through the tops of the sleeves so they would stay up easily.  Since the material stretches, I did not need to put a zipper in the dress.

The “cape” piece is Casa Satin in a slightly lighter shade of pink than the stretch-knit, since that’s how it appears in the reference artwork.  All of the gold metallic pieces are buckram/craft foam with metallic gold vinyl heat’nbonded over that.

Personal Thoughts:  I love Nia’s sweet and innocent nature.  I felt more compelled to cosplay her grown-up variation since I would have felt a little ridiculous cosplaying child Nia!