Character: Ciel Phantomhive
Variation: Blue Pinstripe
Series: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (Anime and Manga)
Debuted: MegaCon 2010

Construction Notes:  I opted for micro-suede for most of the jacket and short pants, since I liked the texture and it came in the right shade of blue!  If you haven’t already noticed, I am ridiculously picky about color (I blame my design background).  I would have loved to use velvet or velveteen, but all the blue velvet/velveteen I could find at the time were way too bright.  Micro-suede had a much more muted blue that I thought would be more appropriate.

The black pieces are indeed velveteen, though.  The ruffly shirt is this fabric called Silk Essence found at JoAnn Fabrics.  This costume has a lot of layers and gets hot very easily.  There’s a ruffly long-sleeved shirt and a vest underneath the coat, which is fully lined.  All of the bias tape for the coat was sewn on “properly”, meaning it was attached like a seam (with the back side hand-tacked) instead of using top stitching.

The bustle is just a long train of taffeta, self-lined.  All of the stripes are pieces of ribbon that I attached individually with fabric glue.

I also made the top hat and spats from scratch.  This was my first attempt at making a top hat, so it’s not perfect.  I used buckram for the structure, and covered that with the same micro-suede used for the suit.  It’s also lined.

Personal Thoughts:  I love Black Butler, I love Ciel and all of his costumes, I love Sebastian … need I say more?  I feel like I don’t make a very good Ciel since I’m a little on the taller side, but luckily my Sebastian is 6ft tall, so I actually kind of look petite standing next to him, haha!

But ultimately, I liked Ciel and his outfits enough and wanted to crossplay him regardless. I’m a tall Ciel (also not a 12 year old boy), oh well~

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