Character: Minori Kushieda
Variation: School Uniform
Series: Toradora! (Anime)
Debuted: MegaCon 2010

Construction Notes:   I used a dark red cotton sateen for the blazer, which I loved since it has just enough body to look nice and fitted, and just a hint of stretch for comfort!  Suffice to say, the blazer is lined.  I followed a women’s suit jacket/blazer pattern, but modified the front opening to allow for the unique angular, almost double-breasted type closure.

The skirt was made from the same fabric, just in dark blue.  Shirt was purchased since I hate making dress shirts. 😛

Personal Thoughts:  I love the 3 main female characters in Toradora, but Minori ended up being “It” in the end. Minori was such a fun character.  I loved her zany, eccentric, sporty nature.  Kind of a departure for me on what types of characters I usually cosplay, but Minori was definitely worth it.