Character: Euphemia li Britannia
Variation: Default Outfit
Series: Code Geass (Anime and Manga)
Debuted: AWA 2010

Construction Notes:   So, I went about making this costume in the most straightforward way I could think of at the time.  I used a prom dress pattern with princess seams to make the bodice and top part of the skirt once piece.  I liked incorporating princess seams since they are very flattering, and it gave the silhouette I was looking for.  I put boning in the bodice seams to give it more support and structure, since it’s a strapless gown.

I’ve seen a lot of Euphemia cosplayers use light pink for her default gown, which I think looks very nice, but in the end I chose to go with lavender since that seemed to be more accurate in my eyes.  I used Casa Satin for the bodice/over-dress piece, while I opted for embossed cream bridal satin for the shrug.  I wanted to use at least one textured fabric since I thought the costume would look too flat and plain otherwise.

The skirt is a layer of peach skin (a slightly fuzzy textured silky fabric) with a layer of chiffon over that.  Both of these layers are full circle skirts, because, well, I love the way circle skirts flow, and the endless possibilities of posing with all that material.

All of the roses/carnations(?) were found at a dollar store, and E6000’d on to the costume.

Personal Thoughts:  My second Euphemia costume, yay!  I love Euphemia’s character, and I also love her character design, which makes it a win all around for me.  My bro-chan Mattissimo was so inclined to join me as Suzaku once again, which made it ever the more awesome.