Tsubasa Chii

Character: Chii
Variation: Icicle
Series: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (Anime, Manga)
Debuted: Megacon 2011

Construction Notes:  I used fleece for the main part of the dress, and loosely followed a pattern for a princess-seamed prom dress.  Of course, the crazy scallops at the top of the bodice were patterned by myself, as were the scallops on the bottom of the dress part.  The skirt portion is two layers, the top layer being Crepon Sheer while the bottom is cotton broadcloth.  Both layers were gradient dyed using a combination of blue and turquoise RIT dye.

The most interesting parts of this costume are the icicles, which were all made using clear polyester resin.  Making those things was a long messy process.  First, I sculpted the “masters” out of sculpey clay, and then made molds from those.  I used a brush-on latex mold builder, which I definitely do not recommend, as the molds ended up being very thin and flimsy, but live and learn!  After the molds were done, I mixed up the resin according to instruction, with a little resin dye to get the right icicle color, and poured that hot mess into the molds.

Polyester resin smells to high heaven (and emits some really noxious fumes) so I (rather stupidly) left the icicles outside to cure overnight.  And it rained, so most of my icicles got kind of … weird.  I had to re-make most of them, this time letting them cure in the garage, which will probably never smell normal ever, ever again.

Personal Thoughts:  I am never making icicles from scratch again, ever.  I wasn’t completely happy with how this costume came out, but it was at least a cute idea.  Chii has a ton of outfits I am beyond enamored with.