Character: Lisianthus (Sia)
Variation: Summer Uniform
Series: Shufffle! (Anime, video game)
Debuted: Megacon 2011

Construction Notes:  Another pleated skirt!  Once again, I followed a pleated skirt tutorial that I found on DeviantART, so no pattern was used for that.  The eyelet trim was dyed with gray RIT dye.  Sia’s vest and shirt are one piece, with the brown vest being cotton sateen, and the sleeves being broadcloth.  The collar is detachable, as is the bow.

Sia’s hat was made without the use of any patterns, and the bow has wire inside to hold its shape.

Personal Thoughts: Lisianthus, who more commonly goes by the nickname “Sia” (cleverly shortened part of her name) is a bit more “genki” of a character than I usually choose to cosplay.  I liked her, but I was honestly drawn to her character design and long red hair more than anything.

In the series, she is the daughter of the King of the Gods. So I guess that would make her the Princess of the Gods?  For that reason, she has the pointed elf-like ears, though hers aren’t quite as long as her rival Nerine’s, who is the daughter of the God of Demons.

Shuffle! is a harem series/dating sim, but it’s got a lot of depth.  All of the characters have their inner demons and battles they must cope with, and they all cope with their respective rejections (except for the girl he chose to be with. And YES, he does choose a girl in the anime) from the main character, which was interesting to see .  Of course, in the game any of the girls are fair game.

These school uniforms are among my favorites from any anime/game.  That was a big motivator for me, since the uniforms are just so appealing.