Character: Horo
Variation: Season 2
Series: Spice & Wolf (Anime)
Debuted:  Mobicon 2011

Construction Notes: I wanted this costume to be easy and comfortable to wear, so most of the fabrics I used have a little bit of stretch to them.  I used a stretch knit for the tunic, and loosely followed a shirt pattern to make it.  The pants are stretch faux-suede, which I fell in love with upon feeling its soft texture.  I thought the texture fit with the atmosphere of the anime, which is very old-timey. The darker purple trim on the capris and tunic is also faux-suede, just without the stretch.

For Horo’s ears and tail, I looked around for what seemed like forever until I found a color I was happy with (and that matched my wig well enough).  Everywhere tends to have straight brown or fox red fur … but Horo’s color didn’t strike me as either, but rather a warm-toned light brown.  In the future, I would like to re-make the tail with a longer pile fur so that it looks more “realistic and wolf-like” and less like a plushie tail.

Personal Thoughts: Horo is such a fun character.  She’s got a lot of attitude, she’s snappy, and she’s playful when in the right mood (or drunk).  She also has the ability to turn into a giant wolf, since she’s the mythical wolf spirit of the harvest.