Character: Kagura Tennozu
Variation: Goddess
Series: Speed Grapher (anime)
Debuted: Otakon 2011

Construction Notes: The top is a strapless bra that I covered in white spandex. The bottom was patterned out by myself, by looking at how a similarly cut bikini bottom I had was pieced together. It is lined with nude swim lining for the proper coverage.  The thigh-highs (or boot covers) were sewn basically as a long sock that I could either pull over a pair of heels, or wear as stockings.

For the feather trim I used some marabou boas and hand-sewed it on, doubling the thickness of the boas in certain areas, like on the tops of the boot covers, and on the off-the-shoulder straps.

The headpiece consists of thin (I forgot what gauge, sorry!) wire and craft foam with comb clips attached, covered with the marabou on the side craft foam pieces.  There are beads strung along the wire part, along with a dangly gem centerpiece.

I used pearlized organza for the drapey pieces hanging from her arms and butt (butt flap? Yes, I shall call it a butt flap).

Personal Thoughts:  This costume. I never thought I’d end up making it, but it grew on me over the years since I first watched Speed Grapher. Kagura is the one beacon of innocence amid a depraved future chuck full of dystopian government.  She is used as a “Goddess” for an underground club exclusive to the rich and powerful, since she has a latent ability to bestow an unusual power upon a select few (which manifests itself as the seeker’s strongest desire). Kagura is unaware when she’s in Goddess mode, and otherwise lives a pretty bleak life, despite being the heir to the most powerful and influential corporation in future dystopian Tokyo.

Anywho, I had never worn anything quite so skimpy at a convention before, but it was a pretty good experience.