Character: Fluttershy
Varation: Humanized
Series: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Construction Notes: Followed a pattern for a simple sundress.  The cotton I used has a subtle white butterfly outline pattern.  Ears and wings were made by Yaya Han.

Personal Thoughts: I was pulled into a My Little Pony group for SukoshiCon Destin 2012, and at first, I had not seen the show, but some friends suggested I cosplay Fluttershy.  I was skeptical, but I buckled down and watched the show, just as my cosplay-conscience demanded.  And I’m glad I did!  Though a kids show, Friendship is Magic is a compelling take on My Little Pony, ditching the chubby, cherub-like ponies of the 80s, and replacing them with a sleeker, infinitely cooler design.  And the ponies aren’t just one-dimensional stock characters, either, but rather actually have goals and problems between all the adventuring and feel-good tales of teamwork in the vast kingdom of Equestria.

Fluttershy lives by herself (albeit with many pets and critters) in the forest.  She loves nature and has a very maternal personality, what with wanting to take care of every critter that needs taking care of.  Fluttershy is the shy pony, and has trouble asserting herself, most of the time…