Rise Kujikawa

Character: Rise Kujikawa
Variation: Summer Uniform
Series: Persona 4 (video game & anime)

Construction Notes: Nothing too elaborate here, but I did pay close attention to craftsmanship, and made sure to finish all my seams with a tight zig-zag stitch. I drafted a pattern for the shirt myself, since it has the two vertical seams and one horizontal seam in the front.  I made the collar detachable (it snaps on and off) and used an iron-on for the Yasogami High logo.

I made the skirt by following this tutorial on DeviantART, and lined it so that the pleats would have more body and crisp-ness, since that was something my previous P4 skirt for Yukiko lacked.

Personal Thoughts: I’m a huge Rise fangirl. Like, we’re talking burgeoning figure collection on my shelf of this girl, really.  She is a teen pop idol (sings, dances, acts and models), and so the common perception is that she’s bubbly, cute, and always happy … but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Rise has a lot of internal struggle with being an idol and putting on a “facade” for the public, and questions if she’s being true to herself.  Rise arrives in the video game/anime having taken a break from her job as an idol to live and go to high school (like a normal teenager) and work at her grandmother’s tofu market. At first bedraggled and glum, befriending the main cast replenishes her vigor for life and spunky attitude, and she comes to realize that herself as “Risette” (her idol persona) is not just a facade, but very much a part of her.