Skits & Performances

Here is where you’ll find video coverage of costume and cosplay contests that I’ve participated in, as well as other convention/cosplay footage.

Katsucon 2012 – Miki Hoshii
Our iDOLM@STER group is featured dancing in Ackson’s video, at 2:20 and the very end.

Katsucon 2012 – Euphemia li Britannia
You can see my Euphemia costume at :47 into the vid.

Katsucon 2012 – Euphemia li Britannia
You can see my Euphemia costume at 1:14 into the vid.

Otakon 2011 – Nyan Cat 
So, my very dear friend Momo made Nyan Cat, which we carried around the con for part of the day.  I’m holding up the rainbow fabric in the back while Momo is behind the Nyan Cat foamcore piece.

Megacon 2011 – Chii and Fai
My good friend Matt and I cosplaying Fai and Chii during the walk-on contest.  We are at 9:34.

Anime North 2010 – Ciel and Sebastian
 My buddy Matt and I’s Costume Contest walk-on.

Anime North 2009 – Code Geass: Sparta Style
My friends Matt, Momo and I performing our skit in the Costume Contest. We were supposed to perform this in the Cosplay Skit competition, but we had technical difficulties (our audio/music failed). We were, however, given a chance to re-burn our audio disk and perform at the beginning of the Costume Contest the following night.

Megacon 2009 – Godchild: Cain and Maryweather
My friend Caroline and I presenting our walk-on in the Costume Contest.

Otakon 2008 – Xenosaga Skit
I was in my friend Lindsay’s skit as Shion.

Metrocon 2008 – Umi Ryuuzaki
My walk-on during the Costume Contest.

Anime Festival Orlando 2007 – Chii
My walk-on during the Costume Contest.

Metrocon 2006 – News Segment: Charley’s World
My friend Momo and I appeared on this News segment, I’m cosplaying Rei Ayanami at :19 in the video.