Contact Lens Review – Colorvue Blue Glow (iGlow) from

Hey everyone!  I have another lens review today, this time for a pair of glow lenses I was really excited to try.  These have been kindly sponsored by Crazylenses!

Brand: Colorvue

Opacity/Color: 9/10
These lenses definitely made a huge impact!  They are very light and bright blue.  They cover my eye color completely, and lend themselves to a very creepy/crazed appearance.  These would get a perfect score in the color department, but they did not glow quite the way I was anticipating.  I tested these under a black light, and they became pure white, instead of glowing a cool blue color like I was hoping.  While I’m disappointed the glow effect wasn’t quite there, these lenses are still nice, color-wise, on their own.

(No flash)

(With flash)

(Contact vs my natural eye color)

I would recommend these lenses if you are going for a shocking or special effects/unhuman kind of look.  These would not be the best for styles like Lolita or Ulzzang, since they are such a drastic block of opaque color.

Enlargement: N/A
No enlargement since these are 14mm standard diameter lenses. These will not make you supah uguuu like circle lenses.

Comfort: 8/10
These felt very similar to the Emerald Green lenses I reviewed recently.  They feel thick, which makes sense since they are so opaque.  Also, I noticed a hazy halo around my vision, since the pupil hole is like, right there bordering the pupil. After adjusting (about 5 minutes) they weren’t as noticeable, but they still felt a bit thicker and not as comfortable as some lenses I’ve tried.

Design/Overall Appearance: 7/10
Again, not a bad pair of lenses, but I was a bit disappointed they didn’t glow this nice vibrant blue color like I was fantasizing about. XD Taking the glowing thing out of consideration, they still have a really striking impact.  Also, I wouldn’t take my black light as the end-all-be-all.  They might glow differently under different UV lighting/conditions, maybe?  I dunno.  You can see my little black light test of them, to see how they glowed, both in the pictures below, and in the video at the bottom of this page.

(Under a black light)