Making Progress

Hello again, everyone!

I’ve been making some progress with getting cosplay content up over the last month, and getting the hang of WordPress.  Not sure if I’m completely in love with this theme, but all of the themes I like are the Elegant Themes which make you pay extra, so … we’ll see.  I’ve considered dusting off Dreamweaver and trying my hand at designing/CSS-ing something from scratch, but then I remember why I didn’t concentrate on coding during my college career.  Oh, websites.

Anyway, I’m working on getting images and descriptions up for all of my costumes, and so far, almost all of my costumes from 2007 onward are up and running with an image gallery.  The older costumes (2004-2006) are coming slowly but surely, with Melfina and Bakery Chii active.

Head on over to the About page for some background info on my cosplay endeavors, if you so desire, and if you’re feeling particularly feisty, I’ve got videos of my costumes in action in the Skits & Performances section (under Press & Media).