Hello world!


After a lot of fiddling around, Melfina Cosplay is now live, and located at its very own DOT COM (.com)! Everything’s pretty boring here right now, but stick with me and you’ll be seeing updates in the very near future, as I figure more and more out.  I plan on making this place pretty rad~  On top of being the compendium of cosplay costumes I’ve made over the years, it is my plan to give you, the reader, some insight into the world of cosplay, and why (after all these years!) I continue to do it.

Also, this means everyone who’s linked to me in the past will need to change their links … which sucks.  If it’s any consolation, it will be much easier (and faster!) for me to link back in return~

Anywho, thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to check me out, and I look forward to getting this place presentable.