Wig Review ~ 31″ Pink Curly from Amazon

Hey there!  So, this wig was kindly given to me in exchange for my review on it, which I’m sharing down below!

You can purchase the wig here: http://www.amazon.com/Curly-Vocaloid-Megurine-Cosplay-Extension/dp/B00K8048WI/ref=sr_1_186?ie=UTF8&qid=1422525073&sr=8-186&keywords=pink+curly+Anime+Cosplay+Wig

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it:

My thoughts: Very lovely wig! The color is very “milkshake pink”, in that it’s a creamy solid pink with a slight dusty rose cool tone. The curls are very defined, so if you want a more wavy look, I’d suggest brushing it out before wearing. I didn’t do anything to it, so in the pictures I took, this was fresh out of the bag.

The bangs are your pretty standard chin-length straight bangs that you can cut or part however you please. The thickness seems great overall, and the cap of the wig fit my above-average sized head with thick long hair. The fiber is very soft and seems resistant to tangling, but I would recommend spraying it down with wig conditioner/Motions just as a cautionary measure if you are going to be wearing the wig for a while.

Circle Lens Review – Vassen Rainbow Eyes – Grayish Blue

Watch my video review of these lenses on YouTube:

I purchased these lenses from Pinkyparadise~
Vassen Rainbow Eyes – Grayish Blue:  http://www.pinkyparadise.com/Vassen-Rainbow-Eyes-Grayish-Blue-p/e14-grey.htm


Lens diameter: 14.5mm (for Plano)
Comfort: 8.5/10 – very easy to put in your eyes. Feels dry after a few hours of wear, however.
Enlargement: Pretty good for 14.5mm. Suggested for cosplay or Lolita wear.
Color/Design: Not completely opaque, but the color still shows up pretty well. The outer rim color is a nice gray/blue with golden brown flecks closer to the center. Fades to your natural eye color in the center.  Gives eyes a marbled/opalescent effect.