New Costume Added – Sheryl Nome

I’ve had this done since August, but finally just made a page for my Sheryl Nome costume!

Sheryl Nome

I had a blast wearing this costume to Anime Fest this year!  I think the best part was when a gaggle of Japanese tourists approached and asked to get a few pictures with me.  Some of the younger ones knew I was Sheryl, and very vehemently said “MACROSSU!”.  It’s amazing to see how popular Macross Frontier still is in Japan!

Another Year Comes to an End

As the year winds down, I realize I’m not nearly active enough on my own website.  Go figure, I’m more active on my Facebook, ACP, and DeviantART than I am with my own dot com.  I have finished new costumes that I need to add here, though truth be told, this year has been “light” on cosplay.  Moving across the country, getting married and landing a new job has taken its toll on my productivity with cosplay, but hey, all those things are pretty darn awesome, so I’m not complaining. ;D I’m still finding it hard to believe so much SERIOUSLY AWESOME LIFE STUFF happened this year.

Amid all of that, I still managed to make a few new costumes since the move from Florida to Texas.  I made and wore Sheryl Nome and EGL Asuka to Anime Fest in August, and Sailor Neptune to Anime Weekend Atlanta in September.  And that’s it for me for the rest of the year, convention-wise.  I am busy getting materials together for my next batch of costumes, all for Katsucon in February!

Right now my husband and I are in the process of buying a house, so more room for working on cosplay is soon to come.  Hopefully by the time that’s done, I can get my fabric and pattern stash from home that I had to leave behind, as well as the majority of my costumes that were either too bulky or just not essential to move at the time.

So, bottom line, cosplay updates here will happen soon, especially since I need to add new costumes to my gallery here, and add write-up’s and construction notes to most of the existing costume pages.

Thanks for sticking with me!