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Hey you!

Yes, you, who’s taken the time to read this blog entry.  I want my channel to be as successful as possible, which is why I’m turning to you!  Your thoughts and opinions will help me decide what kind of content to make for future videos. 🙂  Please choose however many topics you’d be interested in seeing from me!

I omitted Travel/Convention vlogs from the list since I won’t be going anywhere for a while, and it wouldn’t be very fair to list it when it isn’t possible for the time-being.

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Costume Review – Babydoll – Costume SuperCenter

Hey everyone!

So, a while back, I was contacted by Costume SuperCenter to review one of their costumes!  They kindly sent me a costume on-the-house in exchange for my review, which unfortunately, has been long overdue due to minor health issues and getting a promotion at my 9-5.  But they have been super sweethearts and patient this entire time!

I’ve been wanting to cosplay as Babydoll since the movie first came out, but have been too busy/prioritizing other costumes to actually make her costume.  So, I decided to give Costume SuperCenter’s Babydoll costume a go.

Fit: 8/10.  I got a Medium, and both the top and skirt fit without any major issues.  The only part that didn’t work was the cuffs on the sleeves – they were too tight on my forearms due to the non-stretch ribbon embellishments, so I had to take a seam ripper to those areas.

Fabrics: 6.5/10.  The fabric is decent, but it’s the polyester to be expected of a mass-produced costume.  However, it’s got a nice matte finish that photographs all right even under flash.  It is not the screen accurate distressed denims and linens, though.

Craftsmanship: 7/10.  The seams are durably sewn, and the hems are finished.  There were a few loose threads here and there, along with a couple of seams that didn’t quite match up (sleeves).

Details: 6/10.  The ribbon on the middy collar and skirt are uneven and wobbly in some areas.  The neckline is also too low-cut for my liking.

However, the belt is pretty nice and includes an antiqued gold buckle.  Black thigh highs are also included, as is the headband.

I also received her sword that goes with this costume, and am pleased with it as a prop!  It’s light-weight plastic and has Babydoll’s illustration/design neatly printed on the blade.  I still need to photograph it, hur hur.

As for service, Costume SuperCenter was super professional the entire time.  They patiently waited for me to pick out what costume I wanted (they have a ton!), and when I picked Babydoll, they shipped it to me extremely quickly!  The costume got to me within a couple of days.

You can check out their website for a full listing of their costumes and accessories: http://www.costumesupercenter.com/
And they are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CostumeSuperCenter

Making Progress

Hello again, everyone!

I’ve been making some progress with getting cosplay content up over the last month, and getting the hang of WordPress.  Not sure if I’m completely in love with this theme, but all of the themes I like are the Elegant Themes which make you pay extra, so … we’ll see.  I’ve considered dusting off Dreamweaver and trying my hand at designing/CSS-ing something from scratch, but then I remember why I didn’t concentrate on coding during my college career.  Oh, websites.

Anyway, I’m working on getting images and descriptions up for all of my costumes, and so far, almost all of my costumes from 2007 onward are up and running with an image gallery.  The older costumes (2004-2006) are coming slowly but surely, with Melfina and Bakery Chii active.

Head on over to the About page for some background info on my cosplay endeavors, if you so desire, and if you’re feeling particularly feisty, I’ve got videos of my costumes in action in the Skits & Performances section (under Press & Media).


Hello world!


After a lot of fiddling around, Melfina Cosplay is now live, and located at its very own DOT COM (.com)! Everything’s pretty boring here right now, but stick with me and you’ll be seeing updates in the very near future, as I figure more and more out.  I plan on making this place pretty rad~  On top of being the compendium of cosplay costumes I’ve made over the years, it is my plan to give you, the reader, some insight into the world of cosplay, and why (after all these years!) I continue to do it.

Also, this means everyone who’s linked to me in the past will need to change their links … which sucks.  If it’s any consolation, it will be much easier (and faster!) for me to link back in return~

Anywho, thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to check me out, and I look forward to getting this place presentable.